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  • Tara Vickers


Hey Cat. This is just me testing out the blog feature for your new site. As I said, blogs are a great way of driving traffic to your site and keeping you up high in the google rankings. This is because search engine robots love to munch on new content and will favour your site if there's something new and tasty on it. I hope that makes sense. We will of course delete this from your blog when we go live :D I've stuck my own photos in just as place holders. Fear not, I know they're not horsey :D

Ah.. yes, you can type underneath a set of photos too. That's good. So, you can say anything you like, post some pics and then continue typing. Then maybe add some more pictures if you wanted

Or maybe just one photo at a time.. like one of Mr Andre...

Or maybe a slideshow of pics

Lots of options for the blogginess! but always a good idea to link to somewhere in your site or Facebook too ...

Like this. Click Here for more info on the services we offer at Lakeside Riding School.

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